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What MBTI type do I seem like? MBTI

I always test as an INFP 4w5, but I'm not super sure. I might be an ISFP.
I'm a male
I'm attracted to "darker" things
I'm interested in the psychology of serial killers and mentally ill people.
I make strong connections with people who are dead.
I fall in love very quickly with people I don't even know.
I'm narcissistic
I like being memorable
I have only a few friends
I appear "edgy" to other people
I dress differently
My hobbies are: Video games(I usually like games with a deep narrative or good RPG elements), Living in my own crafted world in my head, and writing stories.
I am prone to delusional behavior and often have weird spiritual beliefs.
I could see myself as being both. I could even see myself being IxTP because I am sometimes very cold towards other people. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Posted by evanlutionism on forum Posted on 2017-09-25 02:47:24

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Yea I haven't seen your other posts but you sound infp 4w5 to me.

Type 4w5. Type 5w4 is also possible. But 5w4 falling in love with stranger.

MBTI type of What MBTI type do I seem like?

. That is hard for me to picture. sp/sx is my guess for your instinctual stacking.

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Yeah. I always come out 4w5 sp/sx.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of What MBTI type do I seem like?.

You could be INTJ, since nearly everything in your checklist resembles me except the INFP 4w5 and maybe "I fall in love very quickly with people I don't even know". You defnitley have Fi (introverted feeling) and thus, Te (extraverted thinking).Which of the 16 personality types is What MBTI type do I seem like??. So this rules out ISTP, ESTP, INTP, ENTP. 'I dunno, if you reserach Fe vs Fi, if you really think you resemble Fe, update this forum post. Intuition/Sensing Not so sure about Si/Ne or Ni/Se, do some research on that. I'm leaning on Ni/Se, but again, I'm kinda narcissistic too, so do your research.

Don't make the mistake of typing based on 'stereotypical behaviors'. MBTI is about coginitive functions, not behaviors. For example, INTJs can act like INTPs sometimes, but can also act like ISFPs, ESFPs, or even INFPs.

Hahaha what kind of INTJ acts like ESFP? I'd find it much more plausible for an INTJ to act like INFP than ESFP.

ISFP 4w5