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Which ones MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Which ones'
Which ones MBTI type


Apps for Community Building Community Building includes forum systems (also known as bulletin boards), guestbooks, and mailing list applications. phpBB forum Booked calendar ExtCalendar calendar WebCalendar calendar phpFreeChat chat phpMyChat chat Dada Mail email PHPlist email Site Recom... email FluxBB forum MyBB forum Simple Mac... forum Vanilla Fo... forum XMB Forum forum Elgg groupware Oxwall groupware Pligg groupware GBook guestbook Lazarus Gu... guestbook DokuWiki wiki MediaWiki wiki PmWiki wiki WikkaWiki wiki Apps for Content Management Content Management Systems (CMS) are applications designed to manage dynamic content for websites. All CMS applications have the ability to manage news or blogs and all include a templating system that allows the appearance/style of web pages to be controlled. The more advanced applications can include a near endless list of additional features, including: categories; commenting; user logins; polls; statistics; file managers; FAQ managers; and so on. CMS applications generally fit into the following loose categories: Blogs (also known as weblogs), CMSs, Portals (modular features that can be added into a standard three-column page layout), and Frameworks (do-it-yourself systems). WordPress blog Drupal cms Joomla portal b2evolution blog Dotclear blog Geeklog blog LifeType blog PivotX blog Serendipity blog Textpattern blog CMS Made S... cms Composr CMS cms concrete5 cms Contao cms GetSimple cms ImpressPages cms liveSite cms Omeka cms phpwcms cms PyroCMS cms SilverStripe cms Soholaunch cms TYPO3 cms WebsiteBaker cms Chamilo education eFront education Moodle education phpMyFAQ faqs CakePHP framework Code Igniter framework Coranto framework Laravel framework MODx framework Nette framework Smarty framework Symfony framework Zend Frame... framework e107 portal Mahara portal Mambo portal PHP-Fusion portal PHP-Nuke portal Subrion portal Tiki Wiki ... portal Xoops portal Zikula portal Apps for e-Commerce and Business Web based business applications include e-commerce systems (also known as shopping carts) for managing sales websites, Customer Relationship Managers (CRM), customer support systems, and project managers. Magento e-commerce Open Class... adverts OSClass adverts Quicksell ... adverts Revive Ads... adverts Dolibarr business FrontAccou... business Open Real ... business OpenBiblio business OrangeHRM business Feng Office crm Group Office crm SugarCRM crm SuiteCRM crm Vtiger crm Zurmo crm AbanteCart e-commerce CubeCart e-commerce OpenCart e-commerce osCommerce e-commerce PrestaShop e-commerce TomatoCart e-commerce Zen Cart e-commerce Blesta invoicing BoxBilling invoicing ClientExec invoicing phpCOIN invoicing Simple Inv... invoicing Collabtive projects Mantis projects PHProjekt projects The Bug Ge... projects Help Cente... support HESK support Live Helpe... support osTicket support Sales Synt... support Apps for Photos and Files Photos and Files includes image galleries and other applications that assist in the management of website images, music, videos, and other multimedia. Gallery gallery Codiad files GateQuest ... files OpenDocMan files Power File... files ProjectSend files Pydio files Coppermine gallery Koken gallery Piwigo gallery TinyWebGal... gallery Zenphoto gallery Apps for Surveys and Statistics Surveys and Statistics includes different statistical applications that enable website traffic to be monitored and analyzed, and polling and survey applications can be used to query the views of website visitors. Aardvark T... poll/survey Advanced P... poll/survey LimeSurvey poll/survey phpESP poll/survey Simple Poll poll/survey phpMyCounter statistics Piwik statistics Seo Panel statistics Apps for Miscellaneous Contact forms, clocks, e-cards, URL shorteners, and other novel applications. PHPLinks bookmarks SiteBar bookmarks Wallabag bookmarks YOURLS bookmarks iTron Clock clock WebCards e-cards Contact Form email Form Tools forms phpFormGen... forms webtrees genealogy Feed On Fe... rss selfoss rss Tiny Tiny ... rss Search Eng... search


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