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I’ve settled in xNxP and enneatype (not sure if relevant) 6w5-1w9-4w3 sp/so. I’m focusing right now in the F/T, I would like to hear your opinions.

Arguments for Fi:
Honest, sincere, and passionate.

Stubborn, I need to be true to myself.

Sensitive but still having difficulty with emotional expression.

Strong morals, responsible and dutiful.

Arguments for Te:
Critical. Very nitpicky sometimes.

I think that things like word definitions should be clear and not easily changeable, because they lose their utility otherwise.

As I’m more responsible than most of my friends/peers, I often organize things when we have to work in something.

Arguments for Ti:
Skeptical of intellectual “authorities” and the scientific method.

I like arguing.

I care way more about the “why” than the facts (that isn’t to say that I dismiss facts, but statistics, for example, are questionable).

I need 100% accuracy, that’s why I’m so skeptical, so indecisive, so prone to overthink and stuff.

Arguments for Fe:
I care about what others think of me, even if I don’t show it.

I like being helpful.

Arguments for I don’t know:
I’m attracted to making lists and rating things like series and music (Fi+Te?). I constantly update and fine tune the rankings and ratings.

I’m self centered, but I care about the feelings of other people. The problem is that I suck expressing it, and being both prideful and shy doesn’t help.

High [citation needed] competence for abstract thinking (Ne+Ti?).

I like talking and arguing about my ideas to strengthen and develop them.

I’m very curious and I won’t rest until I find answers for the things that interest me.

I strive for objectivity as an ideal, although I’m skeptical even of the existence of the external world. I strive for logical consistency even in things I don’t completely trust, like MBTI.

Posted by mstr-k on forum Posted on 2018-02-10 19:52:30

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Okay, so I’m asking again for help. Weird for a person who claims to doubt others opinions, but the truth is that I need to see myself “from the outside”, so other opinions are helpful.

Shit, I forgot to include the poll. Please leave comments with your opinions

Functions and shit appart, I think I relate to a consequent part of it, so I'm going to say NTP but honestly there isn't enough material for me to be sure.

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I went in more detail there:

But maybe I downplayed my F qualities there, since all the votes were xxTP.

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