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Your family MBTI

Guess your family MBTI.

Posted by DiamondDust on forum Posted on 2017-12-02 17:57:13

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Father: ESFJ Mother: ISFP Eldest sister: INTP. Although starting to think she might be an ISTP. 2nd eldest sister: ENFJ 3rd oldest sister: ESFP 4th oldest sister: INFP 5th oldest sister: ISTJ? Youngest sister: ISFJ


MBTI type of Your family

. Father: xSTJ? Possibly ESTJ. Mother: ISTP Older brother: xSTP.

Find out about Your family personality type

. Most likely ISTP. Younger brother: ISFP Older half-sister: Hard one.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Your family . ENTx? Husband: ESFJ

Father : ESTJ 3w2 1w2 6w7 Mother : ExFx 6w7 4w3 1w2? Older brother : INTx 5w6? 9w1 4w5? Younger brother #1 : ENFP 4w5 5w4? 9w1 Younger brother #2 : INFP 9w1 4w? 6w7?

Mother: INFP 469 Father: xxTJ (probably ISTJ) Younger Sister: ISxP (I think ISFP, but she's tricky. Probably still too young to properly type.Which of the 16 personality types is Your family ?.)

Mom: ESFP 7w6 2w3 9w8 sx/so Sister: INTJ 1w2 5w6 3w4 sp/so

Mother: ESFJ  2w3 8w9 6w7 Older Sister: ESFJ  2w1 6w7 1w2 Younger Sister: ISFJ  1w9 6w7 2w1 Younger Brother: ESTP 8w7 7w8 3w2   Father: INTP  4w5 5w4 9w8 Stepmother: ISFJ  1w2 6w7 2w1 Older Brother: ENFJ  1w9 6w5 2w1

Mom: ISFJDad: ESTJSister: INTP

Mam: INFJ Dad: ISFJ Sister: INFJ  

 Mother : ESFJ Father : ESTP why the fuck am i a weird mix between infp and entp (and my bro too) lol

mom:ESFJ 2w1 1w2 7w6 dad: ISTJ 6w5 1w9 4w5 twin sister: INTP 9w1 5w6 3w4 1rst younger siter:ISTP 3w4 6w5 1w9 2nd younger sister: ESFJ 2w3 6w7 9w8

Mom: ENFJ 9w1 or 1w9 Dad: INTP 5w4

Mom: INFJ 2w1 Dad: ESTJ 3w4 Older Sister: ENFP 4w3 Younger Sister: xSFP 4w5 Grandma: ESFP 7w8(?) (not too sure about her enneagram lol)

Mom: INFP 4w5 sp/sx  Dad: ENFJ 6w7  so/sp Sister: ISxP 7w6 or 6w7 sx/so

Dad: ISTJ 1w9 sp/so  Mum: ESFJ 6w7 so/sp or sp/so (not sure which but i'm leaning more towards so/sp) Sister: ESFP cp 6w7 so/sx 

My Mom's INTP.  My younger brother is ISTP My older sister is ESTP Sometimes it feels like I was the FJ of the family out of necessity. Or else someone would've died. 

my moms ISFP my dads ENFP my sisters ESTP

Mom ESFJ 2w1 or 2w3 so/sp Dad xNTP 5w6 so/sp Sister ENFP 2w3 or 7w6 so/sx or sx/so Girlfriend ISFP 469 sx/sp or sp/sx

Motha: ISFJ 5w4 1w2 Fatha: ENFP 1w9 Sista: INTJ 4w5

(my mom’s mom) Grandma (r.i.p): INFP Mom: ENFP Dad: ISFP Half-sister (she’s my dad’s daughter): ESFP

My mum is actually a ESFJ 2w3. I must have copied my sister's typings on that spot by mistake. I forgot to add my lil bro as well for some reason - ESTJ 3w2 so/sx

Mom: ESFJ 6w7-1w2-2w1 Dad: IxTJ 5w6-1w9-4w5 Sister: ENFP 7w6-2w3-9w8 Dog: ISFJ 9w1-2w1-6w7

Mom:ENFJ 2w3  Dad:ESTP 8w7 Brother:ESFP Oldest brother:ESTP 8w7 younger sister:ISFP older sister:ISTJ  THEN THERES ME:INFP 964 tri type.And my ex girlfriend is a INFP

I swear my family are the hardest people to type. Probably because we are all unhealthy and dysfunctional... I'm gonna give this another go. Father: ISTJ Mother: Extremely hard. Her functions are all over the place. Most days she seems ISTP (which is what I've always typed her as) and other days she seems like a very unhealthy ESFJ. Older step-brother: ISTP Younger brother: ISFP Husband: He's well rounded, but he is xSFJ. Lately he seems more ISFJ though.

Josephty won't you comment on here please

Mom: ISFP 2w1Dad: ESTJ 3w4Grandmother(maternal): ESFJ 2w3Grandfather(maternal): ISTJ 1w9 

Mom: INFP (the aggro type, not the shy poet type.) Dad: ENTP Stepmom: INTJ Maternal Grandmother: INTJ Maternal... Step Grandfather?: ISTP


Sorry, wrong door

Father: ESTJ  Mother: xSxJ Brother:  ESTP (I am not certain of it. He is ten years old.) Sister:  ESFP 

Father: INTP Mother: INFJ Brother: INTJ Sister: XNFJ Me: XNTJ

He is an AI. resistance is futile. the age of man is over. hail our saviour Steve Jobs.

...I think Josephty is admin.

lol I forgot to add my lil bro

I must have been in a rush when I made the post. I have no idea why I left him out. 

The unmessed up version: dad - ISTJ 1w9 sp/so mum - ESFJ 2w3 sp/so older sister - ESFP 6w7 so/sx me - ISFP 4w3 sp/sx younger brother - ESTJ 3w2 so/sx

my sisters starting to seem more ENTP though

Father: ESTJ 1w2 Mother: xSxJ 1w9 Brother: ESTP (probably) 7w8 (maybe 7w6) Sister: ESFP 7w6 (maybe 7w8) Me: INTP 4w5

enneagram only mom - 3 (achiever) dad - 2 (helper) sister - 8 (asserter) me - 5 (observer) aunt - 1 (perfectionist) other family members birthdays i am not sure of Thanks to

No, my sister is enneagram 9 (lazy) I got that mixed up with the gematria calculator result which only factors in first name Okay  Gematria Enneagram Type (first names only) me - 1 (perfectionist) mom - 3 (achiever) dad - 8 (asserter) sister - 8 (asserter) aunt - 9 (lazy) uncle - 3 (achiever) wow I probably need to look up more first names of my extended family members

Typing by letters and functions are ridiculous. Better idea Scotty - EDGY Extroverted Dimensional Goat Youtuber Khel - LEFT - Extraverted Feeling Thinking hearts - JAP - Japanese Jungian Australian Perciever heathcliff - MEXI - Introverted Extraverted Miss Xylophone fg - ESTP - Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perciving

William Grant - JINF - Judging Introverted Naysayer Feeler mars - FINEJ Feeler Introverted and Extraverted Judger Clement nguyen - FFEESS - Extraverted  Feeling Sensor

Carlos Santos (heathcliff) - STRAIGHT - Sensing Thinking Rookie Astrologer Introverted Goat Hyena Thinker labaconaise Jones - BLACK - Bebbeve (the person with the complicated mbti functions) Leftist Asserter Cyclone Korean Garet - EST Extraverted Sensor Thinker (eastern standard time)

Mom: INFP Dad: ESTJ Brother: ESTP (he's 16 and always gets this, lol) Sister: I'm presuming ESTJ (Everyone always comments how she's like my dad...except less arrogant and a bit more emotional when it comes to stress).

Mother - INFP Father - ISTJ Sister - INFJ Me - INFJ Grandfather (paternal) - ESTP Grandmother (paternal) - ENTJ  Grandfather (maternal) - INTJ Grandmother (maternal) - INFP   

Mother - 9w1 Father - 1w9 Sister - 4w5 Me - 8w9 Grandfather (paternal) - 7w8 Grandmother (paternal) - 3w4 Grandfather (maternal) - 5w6 Grandmother(maternal) - 2w1