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Your father MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Your father'
Your father MBTI type

Religion and Spirituality


ISTP - 12
ISTJ - 12
INTP - 5
ESTJ - 5
ESFJ - 5
ESTP - 4
INTJ - 3
ESFP - 3
ENTP - 2
ENFP - 2
ISFJ - 2
INFP - 1
INFJ - 1
ENFJ - 1
ISFP - 1

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6W5 - 7
9W1 - 5
7W6 - 4
1W9 - 3
8W9 - 3
1W2 - 2
3W2 - 2
8W7 - 2
9W8 - 2
2W1 - 1
2W3 - 1
4W5 - 1
5W4 - 1
5W6 - 1
6W7 - 1
7W8 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Seems ESTJ in the everyday life, but at training (he is a martial art master), he sometimes goes into speeches that make him sound alot like an ENFJ - made him do a test once, he scored ~50% in every dichotomy ._.Probably ESTP cause he's a construction worker whose adept with technology and has nerdy interests. He was a tyrant but he looks fore F like now due to age I guess.

MBTI type of Your father

.Kinda hard to tell. He's an ESxP 8w7 Sx dom though.

Find out about Your father personality type

. That's what ik for surenot sure if ESTP or just a Really Angryâ„¢ ISTP. i'm gonna go with the first option for the time being.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Your father.Sorry for long post. I am still ambivalent about my father.Which of the 16 personality types is Your father?. We are like the opposite and we butt-head. I know he is an extravert. Most likely an S. The problem is he is either a ESxJ that wants to try new things, but is useless. Or he is an ESFP that tries to hard with a Te. I'd say he is ESFJ because he is pretty much the caretaker of the family. And he occasionally dwell in the past. I think he is frustrated with Ne for not having an education. I want to say ESxJ because he was a child soldier during the end of Vietnam War, and I usually expect Si though. We did a lot of outdoors back when I was younger, so that could be an attribute to Se. So I ended with ESFx. Although leaning towards ESFJ because he likes to groom and look formal and encourage the family to look best when meeting other cousin. I'd say he is ESFJ 2w3 so/sp.My dad is such an ISTJ! He's one of the best engineers at his company, where he worked for like 35 years (he just retired). His exacting mindset extends to his hobbies, which have included building telescopes, nature photography, and building a boat one time. He likes measuring things, lol. We sometimes clash in our strong J/P differences; basically we're strong where the other is weak in that way. I'm bad at planning but good at taking things as they come and trying new things, and he's the opposite. He struggles with his anger sometimes...I've figured out that he gets angry when he feels like things are out of his control and he feels powerless, like with national politics or with his depression. So I think he is probably an Enneagram 1 (repression of anger is a defining quality of 1s).@Sthereo0 You definitely are NOT an INFJ. INFJs are not that open like you, talking about their families online????? Real INFJs only socialice talking with strangers about hobbies and clinical stuff HAHA What a scam you are!!!!!!I don't know if ESFJ or ESFP, but my father is one of them, caring, friendly, sacrificing very living and dutiful, he often can weight things up and do his best for his family, very open with his feelings though, he's a nice guy. But he becomes angry with stupid things like he can outrage because our dog ate someone's dinner or when he's pissed, he becomes a fest of ass-hurting and pissing comments, emotional attacks and make you angry very easily.My dad is an ISTJ. He can yell, louder than most ESTJs and most of the people you know unless you're friends with a bunch of assholes. He teaches too, and half his ratings on ratemyprofessor are about how he's unfriendly and if you ask a question he makes you feel like an idiot for askingINTP + 9w1 -- Interesting enough, that's the same type and combo as Yoda!Mine is xSFP, but assuming how he is REALLY a feeler, I assume F-dom, very compassionate and sensitive, but now, his ENTJ shadow is really developed, and, trust me, you don't know what to do when it comes out... The rest of the time he is completely a sweetheart.Mine's probably ESFP. He's pretty soft... when he's not drunk.An angry and 8-fixed, but still phobic, ESTJ 6w5.Funny idea for a spam account. Ah well, I guess it will help unbalance all the random INTP votes on every damn page...You are wrong. Your father is actually ISFP in his shadow grip.For some reason, all the males on my father's side of the family are NTs: my grandfather is ENTP, my father is INTJ, and I'm INTP. If this pattern continues, then my son (if I have one) will be ENTJ.Mine is a piece of shit ESFP.Sthereo0 - The mature INFP is the happy INFP, who probably don't look like a normal INFP, someone warm and funny like Stephen Colbert, imo.Ok, actually I think my dad is more xSTP. He's really fun and laid back and probably the coolest guy in town (he actually had guys idealized him but #nohomo) But he's pretty emotionally inept and doesn't understand emotions, but actually a softie. He can't even watch sad news or soapy tv dramas which is pretty contrastive to his personality. I have ExTP friends, and they're a big softies to the downtrodden too. It's the side not many people see about them, so weird.And he seems to hate social contact (he never hangs with friends, only for his work when he has to), every time he can do it, he stays at homeMy father is INFP, he speaks very little, but is very comprehensive, compromising, has a very good culture, tolerant, but has a huge ESTJ shadow, it was very scary and very surprising when I was a child, because you never knew when it was going to happen (since Fi tend to keep emotions to themselves, so sometimes, they have huge outbursts) And he lives from his passion, that's why he's kind of mature I thinkHmm... About that INFP vote, I wonder how should it be live with a mature INFP, just curiosity, as long as INFP is one of the hardest types to mature(not about themselves, about their way to live in the world).My dad's an ESTP, so this is invalid. :P